Our Story

MDK Can Make Your Dreams Come True!

The story of MDKonstruction is directly related to the stories of many other Malawians especially those in diaspora trying to figure out the safest way to build a home in Malawi. Traditionally, Malawians trust their immediate family and close friends. Because of that trust, those in diaspora are quick to ask family members or friends to manage their home construction projects in Malawi. This kind of arrangement may start well but many times ends in fights and tears. Many Malawians in diaspora know someone who lost money if not themselves. Why this happens is a topic for another day, but it’s something that can be avoided.

MDK is here to protect your investment. Consider it a myth that you cannot build in Malawi while you live in diaspora. Acacia Stay project being featured in this website is a good example.

One of the most important part of the entire plan to build in Malawi while you are in diaspora is the management of the project. You want to protect your investment (cash and everything you acquire in the process). This requires finding a project manager (an organization like MDKonstruction) that is down-to-earth honest with you, transparent, and has the necessary qualifications and skills.

Avoiding losses was the major concern before owners of Acacia Stay created MDKonstruction in Malawi. Now you can enjoy the same trusted service!

MDK was created to construct extended stay complex, Acacia Stay, at Lilaga Community, Acacia Phase 2, Airwing, Lilongwe. The goal was to build a place that will answer to the taste of modern look and feel with elegance. That meant working with the right experts in all major areas of the project starting from architectural to engineering and project management. Today, we are proud to say that we got everything as intended. Acacia Stay is on the right track!

One more thing … Along our journey of building Acacia Stay, we continue to make friends and relationships with many Malawians. Among all groups of people we interact with, probably the most appealing group to us is the young Malawians hungry for work. They want to earn so they can support their families. The creation of MDKonstruction is to answer to their call. We strongly believe that we can do our part of providing work to so many more young Malawians while we provide the top level service to our clients in diaspora and Malawi. Just let us handle your project!