(Management Service)

MDK charges a fee for the management of projects. This should not be confused with charges for building which is part of the budget MDK produces before a phase begins.

Below are three points to give you an idea of how MDK pricing (fee) works.
(To get the estimated fee for your project, please submit a request.)

  1. Basically, MDK fee is dependent on the cost of the project – the lower the cost of the project, the higher the percentage of MDK fee. The ball-pack price ranges from 10% to 25% of the total cost of the project (Extra charges may apply in some circumstances). For example, projects with budgets up to 250,000 USD may be charged 10%-15%, while projects with budgets over 250,000 USD may be charged below 10%. It is important to note that the final price will depend on many other factors that will be discussed during exploratory meetings with the client. Since every project is different, expect prices to be different too. So, examples given here should for information only. Let’s talk!
  2. The model MDK uses for payment schedule is phases (or milestones) of the project. Phases can be foundation, building walls, roofing, e.t.c. MDK expects to be fully paid at the completion of each phase. One positive aspect of this model is that it allows the client more time to plan for the next phase.
  3. All the costs related to the project will be paid by the client after the client signs a phase budget submitted to him/her by MDK.