5 Reasons to Choose MDKonstruction.

  1. Understanding – Many Malawians, especially in diaspora, continue to lose their money because of the people they trust to manage their projects turn out not to be up to the task. We understand the problem and we provide the solution. You will never lose a penny again because you will be the central piece of your project monitoring every penny while we do the hard work.
  2. Trust – MDK is built on trust. Every employee of MDK is trained to understand the importance of trust. Among other benefits of having trusted employees is preventing unnecessary waste of time, materials and money. Discipline is part of our tradition.
  3. Professionalism – Our team of professionals is highly qualified with a collective fifteen years of experience in the construction industry. We believe that our portfolio talks for us.
  4. Quality – We deliver high quality homes. Cutting corners is not allowed in any of our construction processes. For example, no sloppy bricklaying, finishing or installation of windows and doors.
  5. Client Oriented– We listen to the owners of the projects. We work with the project owner as a team. We provide daily electronic reports, photos and videos to keep the owner informed momentarily.